1.Sourcing the suitable vendors for our customer's requirements.
2.Negotiations of the price with the vendors will be taken care as well as fixed properly.
3.Monitoring the order from initial sampling to shipment stage.
4.clear cut, transparent tech detail depiction with the vendor who is going to takecare our programmes.(either orders or samplings).
5.Adopting stringent quality measures to apply in all the way along with the each step of the orders like knitting, 
dyeing, printing etc..,
6.Daily Status of production starting from the knitting, dyeing, cutting, stitching, checking & finishing will be followed by us.
7.Weekly status of the running orders will knock your mail box to make things transparent.
8.The entire lab dips, Fit Samples, size set samples, will be checked in our office before despatching for your precious approval.
9.Inspections like middle, pre-final & final will be done by our quality audit team along with the merchandising department as per 
customer quality standards.
10.Apart from all we have assistant quality auditory who will stay in factories and monitor all the day process to report his/her seniors.
     We have our own testing lab of international standards to ensure the quality of products.
   i)  .Weight of the fabric
   ii) .Stability test
   iii).Colour fastness
   iv) .Rubbing test
12.AQL Standards will be applied for final inspection as per our customer requirement.
13.Inspection report will be sent to our customer after inspection to ensure the quality of products.
14.Inspection Certificate will be sent along with shipping documents to our customer.
15.After the final inspection we will look into documentation forwarding and shipping will be monitor up to the destination.